The Times & The Sunday Times

1 The Diamond Jubilee gave us the opportunity to celebrate the Queen’s reign by juxtaposing strikingly similar images from her earliest days as Queen to images taken 6 decades later.

Executive Creative Director:
Jon Burley

Creative Team:
Alexei Berwitz & Rob Webster

Art Direction & Design:
Aldie Pretorius

Rob Swainson & David Turfitt

CHI & Partners, London


2 The Rich List is published annually in The Sunday Times. This highly anticipated event consistently sells more newspapers than any other day of the year. It always makes for sensational reading and as a result, has become a firm crowd favourite. This typographical campaign uses the names and professions of some of the most famous rich listers to illustrate their monetary worth.


3 The Sunday Times devoted to film series of posters.

Creative Director:
Tom Skinner & Robin Garton

Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Typography:
Aldie Pretorius