Contradicting Clouds is a new up-and-coming band and they were looking for someone to shoot their first ever music video. Our friends at Shotopop was commissioned to do the shoot, and as a side project (and because the vocalist is my sister) I helped out with the shoot. It was so refreshing being such a small team working on it. This made the whole process of arranging and decision making so streamlined. On the shoot day we where literally only 4 people in the studio (artist included!).

There was no budget for make-up, styling or wardrobe, so we just did it all ourselves – and what fun all the dressing-up, experimenting and shopping was!

[wpvideo zILp7Od7]
Well done to Elné for such a great performance (bearing in mind that this was the first time she’s ever done anything like this), and to Shotopop for making such a great video. Back pats all around!!

Have a little listen to their music. I’m sure we will still hear a lot from them in the future!